How to Clean a Dirt Bike Chain in Easy Steps | Guide 2022

Are you here to know how to clean a dirt bike chain? or wanna know how to remove the chain from the bike? One more possibility behind your presence on our page is you might be searching how to replace the dirt bike chain with the new one.

Whatever kind of issues you are facing as similar to above indicated problems, then you are at the right place. 

I’ll tell you each and every step that will be profitable in cleaning your dirt bike chain including safety tips during the cleanliness.

Cleaning the chain is a basic part of the whole cleaning process. You can clean a dirt bike chain in two ways either by chain on the bike or by removing the chain from the dirt bike.

But, if you are going to ask anyone how to clean a dirt bike chain, maximum people would say remove the chain at first.

It depends on which area you are riding the bike, if it’s muddy then you must remove the chain for cleaning as you won’t be able to clean the chain without removing it from the bike. I guess I’m getting your time too much, so let’s see the procedure. 

When you need to clean the dirt bike chain:-

Whenever you ask how to clean a dirt bike chain, you should know one more thing too and that is when you need to clean it up. The simple answer is everytime you ride it.

Yeah, it’s absolutely right but what if cleaning the chain daily is not possible.

You might be a regular rider or an one day user, or running it in a muddy way. Don’t think too much, I’m here to tell you what should be done in different cases. 

For One Day Riders:

If you use your bike only when it’s necessary, like once in a month. In this similar case, you should lubricate(take more oil compared to daily riding) your bike before one night. By doing so you can easily clean your dirt bike chain with water.  

For Multi Day Riders: 

I know this is not so easy for a multi day rider, do just one thing. Lube the chain with a small amount of oil at the end of the day. This will keep your chain clean for a long time, and wash it on an off day. 

For Muddy Area:

A bike racer or your location may be muddy, in this case dirt bike chain requires more time to clean its chain.

I have an easy technique, remove the chain, put it in kerosene oil overnight and in the morning brush it just for a while then put it back. When you put the chain in the kerosene oil, whole dirt particles are removed overnight. 

Apart from these riders or locations,clean the dirt bike chain whenever you are at home. Keep in mind, don’t use petrol or carb cleaners as these could damage the chain in the long way. Whereas kerosene hasn’t negative effect on the chain, or you can use a perfect chain cleaner. 

How to maintain the dirt bike chain:-

You must have heard, a fit body can live longer as compared to those who never care themselves. Exactly in the same way, you can prolong the dirt bike chain’s life, but how?

Even if you how to clean a dirt bike chain, you can’t make its life longer, but maintaining your dirt bike can do the same. Follow a few steps as given below and give a new shine to the chain. 

Adjust dirt bike chain regularly

Chain could be broken if you won’t check it on a regular basis. Whether it’s too tight or too loose, a tight chain can be stretched whereas the loose one can be fallen anytime. 

Never use pressure washers

I know most of the people clean their dirt bike  through a pressure washer (spraying water through pipes). If chain’s rings are ‘O’ shaped, water can pass inside the rings and start damaging the internal parts. 

Clean chain after every ride

It can be tough, but if you do so, chain’s life can be prolonged. 

Change it at a certain time

As everyone knows nothing is permanent here. In the same way we need to change the chain at a certain time. Whenever you notice sprocket tooth wear, change it immediately or it could be risky. 

Lubricate the chain

Keep lubricating the chain can be helpful in smooth running. It stops the chain from drying out, but don’t over lubricate it which can draw more dirt. Just lubricate the whole chain in a single rotation. 

Maintaining a chain is more important than how to clean a dirt bike chain. If you ask me why, because taking bath daily is not so important if you don’t consume food. Never ever forget to care for your bike regularly to elongate its life. 

Suggestions points for how to clean a dirt bike chain:- 

A warrior can’t win a war if he isn’t ready with his weapons. Oh yeah, it sounds crazy but try to relate it with today’s issue, how to clean a dirt bike chain.

In other words, what you need to do before cleaning your bike, like equipment, chain type or lubricant brands etc. Let’s see those suggestions points. 

  • What you need – Before cleaning your dirt bike chain, make sure you have required things. But most of the dirt bikes need four things- a wire brush, a grunge brush, a lubricating spray and a degreaser. 
  • Engine should be off- A hot engine can hurt you. Clean your bike when it’s completely off or clean it in the morning. Also, stay away from the damaged chain. 
  • Choose good lubricant- For the lubrication, don’t use low quality lubricant. I would like to suggest one the Motorex Chain Lube is the best lubricant oil and about 96% dirt bike riders love it. 
  • Find the chain type- How to clean a dirt bike chain also depends on its type. Your bike chain can be Plain chains,  X-rings or O-rings or Sealed chains. Sealed chains are easy to clean and last longer. A question may arise in your mind that why it’s necessary to know the chain type, it is so because different chain types need different cleaning methods. 

I feel you understand the above indicated points. If you are a beginner, these points will be beneficial, by the time you will be master in cleaning your dirt bike chain.  And now it’s time to do something exciting, yes we are going to see how to clean a dirt bike chain. 

How to clean a dirt bike chain?

Many of you just wipe the dirt bike and feel like everything is okay.

Is it really working or you are slowly destroying your bike? If you want to ride your bike for a long year, then clean it properly and the first step is to clean the chain.

If the chain is in a better condition, this could save your bike from accidents and also avoid tear or wear. Or sometimes an abandoned chain can lead a serious cause.

Finally, you have reached here to know how to clean a dirt bike chain. 

Remove dirt particles

Adjust your bike on double stands, the first step you need to take is remove dirt particles from the chain using a brush.

Hold a dry brush in your hand and start removing dirt & mud particles from the chain while rotating the wheels. Once you find the appropriate result, spray the lubricant.

This is a simple step to keep your dirt bike chain clean regularly. Sometimes this single step is enough for the chain cleaning. 

Different types need different ways

I guess you have found your chain type. If it’s a sealed chain (X-rings or O-rings), don’t spray the water in full pressure, as I told you earlier this could lead to severe damage to your bike.

If it’s a delicate chain, then use nylon brush instead of metal brush. 

Remove the chain

If you want to clean your dirt bike chain without removing it, you can’t clean it as much as you can make it by removing. Remove the chain and put it in oil to reduce more damages.

Now put the chain in water and soap based solution. Now, you have to rub it with a brush (use a suitable type of brush). If still there are dirt particles in the chain, repeat the step.

Once mud particles removal is over, let it dry or swap it up with a towel. 

Lubricate dirt bike chain

This is the last process of cleaning and after then you need to put the chain back, will tell you that process later. Before applying the lubricant, make sure the chain is completely dry.

Now, apply the lubricant oil gently (use a good brand to enhance chain’s performance).

If you don’t have a branded oil, use kerosene oil. Notice one thing that the lube has been done between front and back sprockets. When you’re done with lubricating, wipe out extra oil and put it back at its original place. 

These steps are simple, but be aware while cleaning the chain.

I hope you acknowledge the process of how to clean a dirt bike chain. Now, we are moving to the last point to set the chain back to your bike. 

How to put back a dirt bike chain?

It’s a little bit tough but can be done by yourself. After knowing how to clean a dirt bike chain, get a training about how to put back a dirt bike chain.

Check bike chain tension

Ensure that the swingarm pivot, rear axle and sprocket are in a line.

Now compress the rear suspension using a tie-down and a string connected from the centre of the front sprocket to the rear sprocket to check the maximum stress.

Or you can put your middle three fingers between the chain and back of the rubber chain (on the front of the swingarm). If these three middle fingers will fit in it, your bike chain is in a good condition. 

Tighten a dirt bike chain

Find the tightened axle nut point and lose it.

Now, fix the chain adjuster bolt on the both sides until you feel it okay. Once you have done fixing the bolt, check both sides are evenly spaced. Hold the chain firmly from one hand and tighten up the axle nut from the other hand.

When you reach the desired result, stop tightening nuts.   

Note:- Be aware of your riding way, and then choose the method which is suitable for your dirt bike and the path you use. 


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